wednesday 12/03/2008

I accept your deal put armand on ur sales for 50 then i pur glorg on for 5100(that way i get my 100 clitnz back...) then u put uranus on my sales..

I have Splata Cr and most high end cards maxed..anyone wanna deal

Lol,,,, i doubt it since he's worth 90k n u put the starting bid at that,,,,, regardless,,,,, good luck


Mods close this no one is going to meet the reserve price

I guess this can be closed. I'll just keep using Meg and a 3 star yayio in her place.

I'll trade you a lamar for a dragon...

I meant to put rubie instead of jackie, how about 10k for dorian and Zatman, or 16k if you have rubie aswell

I am interested in buying a maxed Marlysa Cr for a little less then market price. So just post what you are willing to sell her for please.

I will take trades to

Looking to common cards in lots of 10. Looking to pay really no more then 2-3k for a lot of 10 and there aren't really many commons that should go for that. 10 for 1500ish would be nice. I am also willing to trade for lots of 10 rare or uncommon cards.

I would prefer it be the same 10 cards. However i will take 5 and 5. So, if you have 10 Bob Joby's that you want to get rid of. I would pay you say 1500 for all 10. Or if you have 5 Elliot's and 5 Diego's I would pay you maybe 1500 for 10. this is just an example. Let me know the cards you have in lots of 10 or 2 lots of 5 and your asking price. prefer a PM bc I can respond easier. I get new cards quite often. I could possibly even do trades for new cards on fridays. This friday I will probably buy at least 1k credits if not 2k and will be buying cards so, that means I will most likely have extras of new cards.


I've got a full xp Chad Bread and I'm looking for a Cr I might actually use. I'm willing to offer extra for Miss Twice.


Hello i am pretty new to this game, but i already managed to make some average ammount of clintz. I am looking for some cheap rescue cards i could start with. Pls post me here your offers. I dont have any cards for trade so only for clintz.

Thanks Korthag.

Looking for Vansaar any level, willing to pay 2150 clintz, any takers?

I have all rare and good bangers like saddy, 2 blaaster, 2 willy, vermyn n, juicy lord

As the title says... ill trade it for anyone who are me and lets see if we can make a deal.....


I'm taking Vickie, Lamar Cr, Marco, and Chad Bread Cr in lots... smiley

Though I think I'll only get 1 Lamar...

Look, Splata Cr's up there! smiley

Please help... smiley

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