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saturday 10/05/2008

I have all pussycats exept clara and and the cr 's

Ill give u 2k for them all

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Anyone who wishes to sell there Kolos quickly ill offer them 11k

Pm me

Got a good deal.....thanks for the offers

close thread pls

Woul you like to sell your kenny individually for 15k???

PM if you want to sell em for these prices

Please close

Who get sell the Eve can pm me.
the lower price i will choose.
thank you.

No please close this mods i got him already =]

Yeah torchic understands

If you have any nightmare or something equal to a nightmare in value pm me

Lowest offer ill buy

Bid for Swidz Cr
Min 17500
Buy now 18500

Best offer gets it

friday 09/05/2008

I'll do it if you add 6000 instead of 3000.

Wat can u offer for Nahi??

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I got vickies ill trade 1 for a thaumaturge cr or beltran cr or miss twice cr

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