friday 07/03/2008

Close this thread please

Anyone can sell me a hammer, emeth, or crassus for a cheap price

Im buying about 15-20 windy mor lvl 2's for about 450 each and please make sure there not about to just lvl up to lvl 3 and buying at least 5 at a time...

All sold for 999k
close please

thursday 06/03/2008

How much for Kenny, Chad Bread, or Lamar

I would like a cheap Eyrton. Right now i have around 500 clintz but if its not enough keep it in suspens and tell me how much so i can make more. Thanks smiley

Like the title says, im buying Zatman and i can spend 4000 clintz.
it took me at least a month to gather that much clintz lol...i guess i'll spend another month or so to get Dorian >.<
so if anyone's kind enough, please sell it to me through private sale or something like that smiley

Private message me ur offer...thx smiley

Lol, good luck smiley

Trading for a cr for 3 ambre, 4 hugo, 2 ashiguru, 2 timber, vansaar, and morphun 13 leaders all aleast 3 stars

Hmm ill accept offer from ichorid

Close this thread please Modssmiley

Like the title says, I'm buying Blaaster, please private message

I give nahi cr and clintz for lamar

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I have a kolos now so im looking only for glorg
so PM me with the prices peples

I'm looking for her cheap, around 150-200k. I'll trade cards up to the value and pay clintz. PM me please.

I have the following for trades, looking for cards that are worth slightly more than these cards or Cr cards:

7 hugo
6 ashigaru
5 armand
4 bridget
4 chad bread
3 morphun
2 elvira
1 lulabee
1 miss chloe
1 elly mae
1 baby q
1 gaia
1 oyoh
1 meg
1 rass
1 timber
1 dash
1 marina
1 macumba
1 joao

pm me if you're interested.

A change : if you have some Kolos not full, I accept too but I want 25 (or 22 + Vansarr full) smiley

If u have any sentials send me offer

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