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thursday 22/05/2008

19k for Vickie!!!

Here are the winners:
1)Thereturner won Vladimir. Congratz!smileysmiley
2)Chris_tina won Burger. Congratz!smileysmiley
3)branzica won Nympheea. Congratz!smileysmiley

See you next time!

I'm waiting for the offers guyssmileysmiley

I need a card because i am so irritated when i lose i am trying to build a gheist nightmare weak deck but it turns out that random makes me lose everytime i try to win as in put many pillz i lose to a person puting 3 pillz.so i need help

I am selling Charlie lvl 4 w/ 1170xp for 14.5k

or Trading it w/ Vickie. I'll add 6k (or so)

Negotiable. smiley

Mods please close

Still looking for
Edd (R)
Mona (U)
Prince Jr (C)

Please close this thread i just wanted ppl to know why i didnt anwser my previous thread and y they havent gotten there cards

I would but im broke right now

Seldon cr + cassio cr +Thaumaturge Cr

Never mind dont need it

Close Please

I wish you will find that person who Sell that Card to you.! ^__smiley__smiley__^

Looking for any all stars to buy at a low price....

Close i sold him

I will sell you Oyoh offer how much

wednesday 21/05/2008

Mods please close

I am trading a maxed Kerozinn cr for a Jim cr any lvl

PM or just post here

I'm trading a Yayoi max.
I accpet Gabrellie and Hiykosaun.
So Offer please.
Any cards beside that let me think.smiley

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