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saturday 07/06/2008

U arent selling anything...

I will Buy it for 44k Right now

just put it in my Private sale.

For just 300 clintz!.......................now THATS an offer!

lol ummm jus buy it cmon u know u want itsmiley

If U interested u can PM me
Items :
Common Card save 50-100(c)lintz :
Caciope - 750c
Brutox, Morlha, Mickey T - 150c
Cell, Mo Difalco - 100c

The price is cant be negotiable, buy it or i sell it to kate smiley

Uncommon Card :
Janine - 150c
Lunatik - 200c
Feeling - 350c
Sidney - 400c
Bristone - 450c
Jane Ramba - 3800c

Rare Card
Skrumxxt - 3000c
Nistarok - 3000c
Bryan - 4000c

PM me soon for the cheaps card before i sell it to kate, I Think the price is much lower than the market smiley

for 600

Masamu(c) for 200

I need petra but the market price is to high
If somebody want to sell petra lower than the market price, send me private sell

2.5k and up auction

Yea sure

Exchange the following cards Rowdy Lennox Chiro Masamu Jeena Rico

Please Sale in PRIVATE.
Dont Expensive BOS

Mod plz close this thread

Close please someone bought it

If u have a chiro ill give u 1k

Buy mona ottavia and edd


pm me

Close this please

Auction closed

winner vanter

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