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monday 27/10/2008

Shop closed, please lock it. thx smiley

Its a long dead topic... Mods, Can you close this?

He doesn't have them anymore. I'm closing this

You don't have (anymore?) Cassio cr
I'm closing this

Thanks for the info. I just did not understand the huge prices on some cards that could be bought for much cheaper. Thanks again for taking the time to explain.

Close please.

sunday 26/10/2008

No thats my price dnt poat that here only post with offer

I still need those cards could any one sale them 2 me

I am buying Marlysa cr under market price, all deals on pm.

This moment i have 13k i also have some great rescue cards to excange with you

Close please. If someone opens this, please sell some of the mentioned cards above.

I will pay 21k each it is negociable or lots but it has to have atleast 3 vickies pm me fast

Could anyone sell them to me or u can discuss price here

Have bought it close

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