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monday 19/05/2008

Buying vermyn n for 7 k
i dun mind if it is Max exp.

Note, GalaxyCards cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

so he can just buy a william..

Close this mod already bought 1

All I need now are Hax and Elvira

For 900 please

No one will sell Copper with that price ~_~

Go with Montana, that's what i do, and i'm pleased with the results

Never mind i found out its every sunday

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Im trading a Simon for a Zodiack or Giovanni message me please

sunday 18/05/2008

Dude that idea has been overused already...think of something else to do....

Im buying the following cr's

splata cr
diyo cr
geuner cr

place ure offers here must be under market value (if i wanted market value id buy off the market so no stupid offers like 1 clintz under market value... i know alot of noobs like that...)

thanks all

These are the last to complete my deck. I willing to buy these cards for around 2000 and up a little.
I'd really appreciate any offers, post here or pm me.

70 clintz for Miranda (Narenda...)

Awww diddums... what cards u looking for? hehe

Got Timber, Vansaar, Hugo, and Bridget
750 900 1000 1050 that is my price

I am trading my whole nightmare deck for a manon cr but i don't have any cr's Pm me for more info

Im buying a splata cr just post or pm me the price and we can negotiate... thanks all

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