tuesday 04/03/2008

Do you think you are a godfather?

hw about 2 chad bread?
he will become Cr soon

MODS PLZZ close this i got chad bread in a pack smiley

I have a Lao Cr 0exp I'm willing to trade. I'd like your Lao Cr + some clintz for it.


What level are these at?

@Abposse: No more 5 stars to use? I count 3 still left that you can obtain from packs. Next, Lamar has been banned from ELO for quite a while now. Finally, what's to stop you from continuing to use Lamar in normal daily tournaments?

Note, 11up cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Ok,ok I give 1000!

He'll end up around 10k on the market

You have roughly 16-18k there kenny is 22-30k, you might want to add some clintz

Alredy got him
mods plz close this

Oops dont know about the rules.

Modds can you please destroy this i messed up badly

How about a page cr plus 2k

Wat rares u got

But those just lvl 2..i need is lvl 5 smiley

Im looking for a jim cr any level. clintz work to

I have a 0 XP Jim Cr that I would like to trade for a Kerozzin Cr (any level) + ???. ??? could be clintz, or it could be other cards (not necessarily collectors), just so that everything sums to a fair trade.

Please send (serious) offers to me in PM.

monday 03/03/2008

Looking for Otakool,Peeler,Berserkgirl and Kenaew.
Dont have lots of clintz but Ill give you Timber cause Timber is like 1,900 and Those Junkz are 1,200 or 1,100.
So Looking for them

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