thursday 28/02/2008

I sell a beautyfull flavio full xp smiley

make offers smiley

Looking just for crs

I will offer 138 clintz Tank , John , Noodile , Mario

All of um for 15 eves and 12 razors********

138 clintz

Ive got a 3* Noodile

Soori quick sale its gone s0o close these thread plz

Kenny's priced dropped below thurmatugre's.wonder why storm whisperersmiley

I also have esmeralda for Sale at 360

Close this thread please

Thanks Raven smiley, you can close this thread. smiley

Buying mona for 300 clintz. messge me

Looking to buy a Lamar for under 11.5k. Please pm with offers.

Mods please close this...

Hi i m lookin for Miss twice collector card.... will pay good but little less than the present market price... please msg me if u willing to sell me...

no probs if its maxxed or wateva...


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