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monday 02/06/2008

3 luba

Here are the winners:

1)Mechquest3456 won Allison. Congratz!!

2)TDDP won Ironfield. Congratz!!

Graff for 2k



I need good price for wanda.

Selling ambre for 5400 clintz it's maxed

I need a credit code i will give muphy and kinjo for one

Graff for 2k


Close pls......i`ll just make another thread for all the cards that I need.

Close this plss
Kolos is already sold

To moze za tessa (cr) frida,glorg,lea i miss chloe prosze

1 messages

Close pls. all sold

OK Sale is done!


Juicy Lord
B Ball


It is not necessary or respectful of other players to post derogative comments in their guild recruitment threads. Like for any other insult posted in the forums, doing so will earn you a blacklist.

It is also not proper to post about joining your guild in someone else's recruitment thread. Anyone caught doing so, will also be blacklisted.

Finally do not post (Or have your guildmates/friends/pets/etc post) multiple copies of your recruitment thread. If your thread is still on the front page, any duplicate advertisements for your guild will be deleted. Everyone has the same rights to recruit for their guilds, respect other people's rights to recruit and don't spam the boards with your recruitment threads.

Thank you,

Moderator of Urban Rivals

Yes, this is from the Guild Recruitment board, but these general rules apply to all message boards. You are intentionally ruining my sales threads out of spite because I didn't accept you low offer and then when you called me a "greedy bully" I proceeded to inform you that it was unwarrented and not appreciated.

Mods please close

Selling Kolos for 15500clintz

I am willin to trade Nympheea maxed, Elliot maxed, or a level 2 timber for one of these guys help me out

Armand 1339

I'm buying, and all I have that's worth trading is a maxed Chiro that I have on the market now. So if your willing to trade some of the listed cards for that then PM me your offer

Just got Ielena, Nistarok, and Hel

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