thursday 28/02/2008

Note, mamavidaeba cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I'm looking to buy either XU52, Leviathon, Charlie (non maxed), Yayoi, Dieter, Ielena, or Kolos. Got any of em? And how much?

What I have to trade at the moment is: Willy, Na Boh, Miss Chloe, Vermyn N, Blaaster, Bodenpower, Saddy, Ambre, Uranus, Juicy Lord, Graff

Ure not going 2 get estalt for kati

Oh lol really? That blows.

Forgot to mention that I'm selling Na Boh.
I'll take offers on Gwen 0xp then since 350 doesn't seem to cut it smiley.

Ill offer u 20 razors

Changed my mind only people in the silent angel can bid

If u gt laviaton plz message me on hoe much u going to sell it for

Venom, first off, I've sold him the Peeler he wanted. 2nd you're offering 1000 over market price to a player that hasn't even bought credits yet.

Buying Hax at lvl 3 for lower than market. I would take a lvl 5 but I consider it the same thing as a lvl 3. Pm or post here. Thanks.

Someone please give me a good price for them.. please... if you got it hook me upsmiley

Cheaper than the 2.5k she is on the market. Anyone want to part with one for say 1.5k or 1k and a good card? I know noone is really using her! Thanks write me in private if interested!

Please tell me

wednesday 27/02/2008

Could you raise the prize to like to a thousand?
I got a Steve.

3250 for a fully evolved kerry.

Take out sentinel, gheist and nightmare please

I'll just take the Loma Noju for the Lilly. Priv sale it to me.

O can sell u timber for 3000 finall form

Selling over 79 eve 0 xp my price is 900 per one wait for offers i can sell one by one smiley

I have aquired the cards.

527 000 clints not in soleils.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley

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