tuesday 11/03/2008

Send me privad message

No ridiculous offeres please, either post here or PM me

Im tradeing a lv 4 bowdenpower for either baby q or Joao ill also accept other offers if there resonable

id also like to buy a petra cheap

cheers all

I have a Kimberley for trade, but have the ones you offered. Do you have any other offers?

Cool...I will sit on the trade for a while then. Thanks for the advice. I am new to the trading game.

You can also try to buy your card, never tried though.

I want sell her...
talk with me

monday 10/03/2008

Mods close this i got a rare

I'm looking for splata cr and Geuner Cr there all I need to complete that clan help me please

Mi Kenny y Miss Twice Cr 0exp por tu Elya Cr

I have Baby Q (R), Tanaereva (U), Wee Lee (U), Jackie (R), Vickie (R), how much do you give for this cards. pm me if possible smiley

I want a Kolos because i am poor and if u could look into ur heart and trade me i know it aint really worth it but please

There is no edit function, you just have to re-write it in the second post like you did

Maybe not, it just sold on market. Probably shouldn't have left it up there...

@Girl, oh okay, thanks anyways.
@Sassy22, i never said i have Splata Cr, i do though have a Kerozinn Cr, what makes u say i don't?

Just save up and buy a vladimir lvl 3! duh!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Those prices are jack man im not buyin ANYONE lower the prices plz

Plz close this subject because i got it now

Pm me for ur offers. looking for CRs around the same worth or trades worth lamar, or just clintz

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