monday 10/03/2008

Free bump P.I.M.P

sunday 09/03/2008

Buying private sell me

@Brent 24. If you mean you will trade me a Nahi Cr (which I was very clear I want my deal to include) & a Kenny, it's a deal.

@Symbolic: Sorry, I'm looking for a little more than that. You can add more cards to the deal, or clintz, just so it comes out roughly even, and I'm not taking a 10,000-15,000 clintz hit.

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This subject can be locked.I have bought the Lamar.

Ghostlymixture you could buy him in the market.
Hes only 1300 clintz.

I have kanny and yusuke, how much are you willing to pay??

Come on guys!, sell me a Tanaereva!!

I want to trade my miss twice cr and leviatonn 4 kerozinn cr, i'll add some clintz to.

Sorry i mean ill trade my colin for your lea...

Nice trades from globumm to cr but now I'll have to close this topic and stop accepting the new ones that want to copy it.

From now on I will stop accepting this kind of topics.

It was fun to watch the first time but now more players want to copy it and it's no fun anymore, so that was all for this kind of journeys from globumm to cr.

Buying Veenyle below 1200clintz !!!! pm me smiley

I am willing to sell/trade chad bread. And no real money purchases.And the chad bread is maxed.

I will sell it for 20,000 clintz

I will trade it for cards which will make the price 20,000 clintz altogether

PM me requests or write in this post.
I am going to round of the market price if you are trading cards.

Eg= Angelina is 220 so I am going to round off her by 2|20= 200. If she was 250 it would be 200. If she was above 250 it would be 300. Hope you have learned round off in your school. I have round off the chad bread too. he is 21500 in market and I have made him 20000. So we are equal.( remember I dont scam people )

29k kenny maxed

Im buying lamar for 80k each if you want the deal just private sale it to me ill check often

I am willing to trade for a Nahi Cr or Lamar
Pm if you want to trade

I will sell a Hammer 4 1,500

Trading Splata Cr, Diyo Cr, or Swidtz Cr for other Cr cards

Clos both were sold
Been a Month

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