sunday 17/02/2008

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I'll send you two Nobrocybrix for 100 each

saturday 16/02/2008

I need clintz plz

I have a maxed Jenny. I will trade for your lvl 1 Petra.smiley

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Get me a card any card don't matter.


Hey i need vickie and marina i am willing to swap or buy pm me with ur offers
(any level will do)
fnx for looking tiny

I'm not buying anyone at the moment but I just wish to know what Tshern's ability is...smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

hot logo UR 36 messages

K fine geofree789 wins
this auction is closed

WRONG MSG.BOARD.........CLOSE.........

Gaia is 7000 on the market.

I will buy ambre how much?

1700 for vansaar in ps please

How much for a grakkssmxxt?

Mod please cloe this thread

friday 15/02/2008

I cncel my bid i have 1

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