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saturday 17/05/2008

Robb for 3.5 k or 3 k

friday 16/05/2008

How many pino you want for a kolos?

Im looking to buy Kerozinn Cr for 30k any offers

Please close this I got one now

Interested nobody?

O.k. can you close this now please moderators, the deal's been donesmiley

I want to achieve world piece and get famous

If your looking for whole Rescue I got them too, including Marco.

Good luck with your search...smiley..
i think someone has lao cr here....smiley

Carnt blame me for trying....20k???? everyine ive got

Jane ramba and 3000 clintz for page?


Buying Vermyn N for 6k.

Will give you boris and akendram for kiki(R)

Looking for kolos any level with the price of 10k please just pm me or post here

I will buy Timmy for your price as long as it's fair.

What are you looking to trade and looking to trade for?

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