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friday 16/05/2008

Buying Vermyn N for 6k.

Will give you boris and akendram for kiki(R)

Looking for kolos any level with the price of 10k please just pm me or post here

I will buy Timmy for your price as long as it's fair.

What are you looking to trade and looking to trade for?

He claimes to have a tessa cr, wee lee, and tanaverra so does that mean he has MULTIPLE of these 3 cards
i smell a scam

I want to buy Nahi Cr for a LITTLE bit under market price message me or post it dowm here if you have a Nahi cr and want to sale

thursday 15/05/2008

I thank you for the interest but for reasons of which my guild are concerned i am closing this auction. (please close this moderators)

I've only got 3000 not sure if anyone with sell a Leviathan for 3000, but hey, it's worth a shot.

You can give me diyo +11K, or Diyo &another CR. PM me

Kim bana mona veya ottavia yi 630 a satar?

Hwes 2500 in the market

Now buying for 4.9k.

5k clintz and maxxed tanaereva for vickie

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