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thursday 20/03/2008

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Selling and steve and 5x svlethane *1

Ok..so hugo for 2600 is the highest i have.let's keep it going.

Just keep playing save them cards there pretty good

1) Wrong forum
2)I can see you haven't played this game long with the level five part.
3)How ever did this get approved?
4)If you want to play with computer type cards, get a bunny and nobrocybix
5)Mods please lock this.

Kerozinn cr 20 000 + 2 miss chloe full.

How much for a hattori?? i got 1

I have a a Vickie Pm me smiley

I have maxed and in between for like 12k also

Beteenka has been sold on the market close this thread please

Ok i bought my uxoh from someone already. can close this thanks..

Title says it all
pm with offers

wednesday 19/03/2008

Note, jt10 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

HE is buying Dammar not selling. Reading helpssmiley

SOA on him he goes to 2 power...

Close plz just sold it.

Which card do u want to trade it with?

Erm i have her maxed pm me with a deal/offer

I am looking to buy or exchange an amber - please pm your offers

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