wednesday 06/02/2008

Zatman for 3k pls?

Im Buying a Selsya Cr below market price Message me or post here. also make sure you add the level and your price

All are level 1 sorry forgot that, but i sold all but the kiki's graksmxxt and rosa they are on the public market at the moment.

1500 for kerry mp answer

Baby Q for 2450 clintz

Bridget(R) for Gaia(R)

Close this thread..found a good deal..XD

How much for Bristone?

tuesday 05/02/2008

Note, GlacierKnight cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

What are you trading TT_FEWEVO? or is this like a continue for your other thread, about Gaia ?

Haha 13 level For Titan smileysmileymulti account

I already bought alot of nightmare of market but right now im looking for a kolos maxed for about 17500

Leviatonn ~ 6000 clintz
Methane ~ 3500 clintz
Charlie ~ 3500 clintz
Yayoi ~ 2300 clintz

This auction is closed im not auctioning anymore

650 clintz

I have oyoh if you want ?

I have oyoh but not last level

I can sell ya one
trade for a Loma Noju and Oyoh the GeaksmxxT is almost maxed level

Admins please close already have a deal.

More cheap that the market. Speak by private

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