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wednesday 14/05/2008

Ihav enzo but what do i get

Both already sold through market

Can anyone help me get a Jeeves????

B4 this thread is closed i would like to say that the new clan will probably show up near the end of the comics so all the other clans can catch up in cards

Cassio to ur Kenny

Looking for berserkgirl and oyoh below the market price

tuesday 13/05/2008

I'll sell him for 700

MODS please close. the card has been sold

Somebody already did it
mod please close

Just wait i bought a pam for 3000
now she worth 500

And the winner is Miss vickie with bodenpower pm me

*cough* just make a preset with the cards in it for proof. *cough*

Its not hard to make a preset and then post the link.

Sensible offers for Ambrose cr would be nice please Eric C! Not ones for just over half his worth! smiley

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Do you have any cards to add on? A kolos or Leviatonn would help you get it. A 15k price cut is a little high, its possible to buy it from someone I guess, but kind of shooting for the stars. Just add a good card or two and you should be able to get it since its only 28-30k

This auction is now over. Thanks to the moderator for closing this topic.

First thanks for read this post

Im looking for Vermyn N & Leviatonn
Please if you have for sell send me a mail/message with your price.

Thanks KaiserDiago

Please close this

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Mods please close already bought one on market

Close pls......already bought a card

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