tuesday 26/02/2008

@meme, well i know i'm begging for people to give me free money but i realy don't have much clintz to spare and i only got Kerozinn Cr. Unless you are willing to trade them for each other, i guess i can't really do anything...smiley

monday 25/02/2008

Dont have much money so who could help and sell Kolos for 8-10k? please help

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Someone close this thread.

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1650 for timer!smiley

I sent in the word pass then it told me to reply saying yes but i keep getting an opps message saying it didn't understand my message. any help?

Lamar has been sold, thank you heartbeatracer.....please close this thread

Everything is in the title smiley

Market is 22k for Nahi Cr right now

Hey wud u trade ur kerozinn cr for my thuamarge cr ? pm me bk

Wat r u trying to do?

Diyo Cr + 10k ?

I ll offer 12k!!

4.6K and Igniss/Lilith.
PM me if you're interested, thanks.smiley

I've got a flavio cr! so... this subject is closed!

thanks a lot boys smiley

At moment im selling these cards smiley

wee lee
warren 1
lama noju

im interesed ony n these cards now

juicy lord
Pm me with offers smiley

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100k jks i cant effored it

Dude i got fully evo z drone for 2100

and i can tell u he's hard to levcel up

I have sold all of my Rescue mods please close this, Thank you

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