tuesday 19/02/2008

How bout 2600 for Striker??

7.2k maxxed leviatonn

Hi i would like to purchase some rare and uncommon sentinels . i have 3000 clintz . i would preferbaly like miss chloe , chloe , havok and copper as i have most of the other sentinels . please any nice people who want to help out a noob and make a friend for life sell me some cards lol smiley

Zdrone forsale!
cant go higher than 10,000.
Please post or pm me the price.
Also if u dont want to waste your clintz give me Lilly,Ben,Petra,Na boh or anycard doesnt matter.
I rather have 10 cards

I except clintz an resalable trades

I'm exchanging Skrumxxt fully evolved for a Kolos... If you have any other intersting deals please contact mesmiley

I cant actually buy the card now cos i think i have been hacked by someone

And I thought you needed it.

This topic is not at the right place. I have to close it.


Buying ben 400 clintz any lvl... smiley

It's 240 k on the market right now
I'm offering u melissa + jim + geuner + cassio + 10k for trade

Im looking for Lilly,Ben,Na Boh and Petra.

i dont have much clintz but ill do a trade if u want im trying to get more clintz so PM me the price to.

Anyone know what they usually sell for and if there is a possibility of seeing it in the auction house?

For all those who are semi-interested, please consider that the Collector card will only go up in price.. however slowly that may be. Also consider that while kolos is in the new blood packs, his price will only go down, so, this offer is time sensitive and pretty soon I'll be able to buy him up cheap. I've got plenty of cash, but I'm just doing this cause I dont want to wait and/or have to level him very much.

monday 18/02/2008

Or Baby Q for Na Boh.

If you have tanaeriva i will trade you a charlie and dolores boos

Close this thread please

Do worry i sold it

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