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tuesday 28/04/2015

We are looking for active players who we share the passion in playing Urban Rivals. We know that this is a newly established guild no match to others at this moment but with your help and being with Knights Armada, we will create name that everyone in this gaming universe will remember.

Knights Armada

-Knights Armada

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monday 27/04/2015

Nice to see you back! come join color guild, we are all about fun, and we will help you learn and learn with you!

friday 24/04/2015

Found my new guild and new elo record
no more jokes from me sory..

Forsen power with you ma friends!

thursday 23/04/2015

I made some changes, were now giving out free characters to all guild members!

tuesday 21/04/2015

monday 20/04/2015

Guild:2038645 We are looking for players with minimum of activity, to become one of the most active gaming guild if you want to learn or just have fun unete

requesitos :

level (+5)


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sunday 19/04/2015

You can't call yourself a bank unless you obtain money illegally and bribe judges so you can loan money to people, jack up interest rates and add to the homeless population.

Hello All!

I just want to start with myself, I have been a player since 07', and I have been in countless guilds but have been booted out due to inactivity on separate occasions, what with school work and now a job i can't afford to nerd it out everynow and then.. so thus I created this guild, to provide a stable guild for everybody who has encountered the same.


If you want to join just go to BoneThugz and apply.
If you want a higher position or become a champion within the guild just pm me.

friday 17/04/2015

wednesday 15/04/2015

Feel free to visit !

I already PM'd him


tuesday 14/04/2015

Join color guild! we have a awesome message board, and you will not be sorry you joined

Join today we have a very fun guild that needs some members to enjoy UR with smiley

monday 13/04/2015

Closing this one. Planning a new one.

wednesday 08/04/2015

I started 2 weeks ago. I'm rockin a mono sentinel deck atm. I'm just interested in an active guild. Hit me up.

Ill give you extra chips if you stayed?

monday 06/04/2015

Hi....just want to invite you to visit our guild. Very active forum and giveaways with many experience players. Im sure you will fknd what you are looking for.


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