sunday 22/10/2017

saturday 21/10/2017

I’ll put the cards on vp

Guru Cr sold to Kk-1992 11 000 000 Clintz icon Today at 21:45

Thread closed

No say sh*t bro. The market say the prices... Not a player like you.


i trade 95 iris morana 0xp 19700/t for :

marshal 0xp 275k
lola 0xp 20k max 50
gaia 0xp 11k max 50
jessie 0xp 14k max 50
clover 0xp 30k max 50

Ce sont les cartes que je voudrais échanger pour:

6 Marlyse cr 0xp (2,1M)
Beserkgirl 0xp (2,6M)
2 Lao cr 0xp (2,3M)
4 Ombre cr 1,2,3,4 star (0xp) (1,2M)
2 Miss twice cr 3 star >800xp (1M)
Ambrose cr 0xp (0,615M)
3 Geuner cr 0xp (0,45M)
1 Nahi cr 0xp (0,5M)
3 Seldnor cr 0xp (0,45M)
6 Page cr 0xp (0,23M)

Je vous échangerai si les prix indiqués des cartes que vous voulez pour votre DJ Korr / kiki CR totalisent environ 12M / 24M

DJ Korr cr (any xp) 12M
Kiki cr (any xp) 12 M

(J'utilise Google Traduction s'il vous plaît ne me déteste pas pour cela.)

I want:

- 1 Cannibal Jo cr
- 1 Lamar cr
- 1 Xantias Robb cr
- 1 Schatzi
- 1 Ratanah mt;
- 1 Blaaster cr
- 1 Robb cr
- 1 Dalhia cr
- 1 Gil cr
- 1 Marshal
- 1 Mona cr
- 1 Dakota
- Smokey mt
- Striker cr
- Toro cr
- Cooper cr

`complement. but I can compliment also if you need that.

His price just jumped up like crazy overnight. Hopefully it'll drop again. Mkt has been nutso.


Tessa full + 50k for 0xp
Splata full + 50k for 0xp
Kerozine full + 50k for 0 XP

PM me!!

Are they 0xp? How much do you want for them?


trading Ymirah 0xp +100k for vickie 0xp.

thank you,

Deal done. smileysmiley

friday 20/10/2017

Currently valued at 249990 Clintz.

Looking to buy behemoth , message me to negoiate the price thanks

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