monday 18/02/2008

Sorry People This Is Already Sold! Too Slow!

Hi im buyin HAMMER from ALL-STARS 4 da lowest price anyone gives me....smiley

Want to buy Jackie for about 6.2 K, any level will do.
PM me please

Sorry, i mistook PHANTOM WMD for Ground Zero.
Ground Zero IS the REAL winner

That's more fair than the trades you are looking for. The only remotely fair trades I can see are Amiral Py and Emeth. The rest of those cards are rather pathetic compared to the pussycats you want.

You are asking for a good portion of the best pussycats in the game, and offering mediocre Juntas for them (the only real exception is Emeth). How can you possibly figure that to be fair?

11500 for Lamar

700 for Flo

thanks and have a good day smileysmiley

Deal for marco kerry 2.200

SkrumxxT (R) how much, i will not pay over 4.5k

Is 12k the most?,,,anyone else?

Do you have any marcos?
pm me if you do
and ill offer

sunday 17/02/2008

Looking for some trades, maybe splata cr, or Lamar + Vickie, or Tanearva + gaia + wee lee + etc.

Pm me your offers


Have any kerry?
ill buy kerry for 2.2k

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I'll sell you jenny for 180 or trade for a freak

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Buying cheaps cards and i want connect others to ask them about something

email me

Pls is theranyone who can sell me an Emeth for 2000clintz

Expert Trader's Tip: Bruce @ 1650 clintz is as low as I have seen him in the past 2-3 months. You should buy from the market now.

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