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monday 12/05/2008

Im exchanging my havok(3800) for shakra(2800) and noodile(800)..(i want maxxed)

PM me ...

0- invoker

Can pay up to 65k, but looking for the cheapest possible price. Pm me if interested, Thanks all smiley

Ill sell giovcanni

How much zdrone?

I buy keery at 1level 0xp i can exchange in loto preffer exchange for another cards please contact me at privat message

I request a lock on this topic, he hasn't even responded.

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I want to trade a Dean for a Kati if you want to trade message me please and thanks. Or i will trade dean for anythin a little above it please

Will also trade for, and would prefer offers under market price.

sunday 11/05/2008

I'd say you have a creative and original way of trying to get Crs! You might need to have a little bit more persuasive ability to have people doing this for you. It's good to see that instead of begging your really came up with a little trick of your own...

Good Luck

Close please

Close thread please mods

thank you

U better stop exsepting my pms =P u mother Fsmileysmileysmiley

Could the mods close this

I'm just waiting to see how long the topic can go on but over 90% of the topic is spam

How much do you want me to add to tessa and swidz for your lamar?

Would you like me to buy your vikie 14 000 + hikiyousan+uxoh plz

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