sunday 03/02/2008

I'm buying Lunatiks. Level doesn't mather.
Send me your offers on pm.

Thank you.

Anyone at all ? Please ? smiley


I will trade i not got cash smileysmiley but i got some gud cards so if ya want iam open to buy it from u in cards lvl1 if posable thank you

How much for ashigaru (R) or how much for vansaar (R) ??

Leviatonn for 8500

Moderator please delete this topic , I have sold my 2 cards .

Let's see, I see that there are many interested, please send me a private message, which is not will, in order to do that you have to add me to your friends list, send me an email with the offer and if I command you are interested in the letter, greetings!

Please close this thread

Lvl 1 bridget, make offer, PM me

Whats your offer? i have a lvl 5 lamar. make me an offer i cant refuse.

I will sell cheap

Any1 want 2 trade a lvl 5 morphun 4 a lvl 4 morphun??????????? If u do pm mesmiley

Trade alec and denise both level max for a molly
locking also for kolos

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Buy credits
all leaders cant help you to win
lean how the game works

Note, banger3 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
you can only buy i have both what aer you paying for

@ Ultimate Bob: I can live with that cuz steve is more expensive and raesmiley

saturday 02/02/2008

I want to buy a chloe , z drone, or lelena really cheap. But i am shot on clitz.smiley If you have one please pm me.

Never mind. All cards sold. Subject not needed

Mods please close this, the deal is done.

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