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tuesday 11/08/2009

Rubo11 you already have a recruitment thread, please use it smiley



(last part of this dream...)

Suddenly, as the boy puts on a headdress, the skeleton stands up and roars, the girl running away, the boy not far behind. The mummy runs after them and then they run along passages, sometimes we see the police still in pursuit of the aunt and the old gentlemen following, then the mummy giving chase to the boy until we see the boy huddled back in the throne room and flicks a switch, which opens a secret door. The aunt falls in, as does the two detectives, then the gentlemen, then the girl, the boy and finally the mummy. They all slide down a purple tube, which appears to look like a tourist attraction and they all clash within a small cage at the end, the door shutting behind them.
That is the end of the dream.

monday 10/08/2009

We have an event on atm here at UMa*, it's open for registration

UMA 1st Jr. Heavyweight Championship Open Invitational

This i the best guild ive been in
freindly people
helpful founder/admins

Join New Generation Crew (ngc) it is really friendly. Lots of people, active forums, and awesome guild events. We also are starting to have weekly guild events. PM me if you are interested in joining. You can also PM 123xstream if you want to get into the guild.

BECOME the last Batlle in the Game. A FINAL BOSS. Only accepting the best. We are in the TOP 3% of the world, TOP 1% in the USA and growing closer each and everyday to that number one spot. Green or higher, Level 20+ JOIN US NOW, AND BECOME PART OF THE MOVEMENT TOWARDS GREATNESS. English Primary but multilingual seeking. OHHRAH -The Ox-
IF BELOW 20+ or not a green+ fairplay rating, fear not Join the FB academy

Hey, I might join, but how many members do you have?

sunday 09/08/2009

Do you want to join a upcoming guild? which let's anyone who loves the game urban-rivals?
do you like football (soccer)? and like gaming? then Nwa star is the guild for you join a upcoming guild with upcoming greats of urban-rivals from many countrys!

Join nwa star!


Do you want to join a fun and active guild? interested?
A guild which only allows the elites of 35+? still interested?

Then join Nature's army!
a guild with active forums and even more active in game there is always someone online for nature's army!
why don't you fight for the nature's army? Join Nature's army!


Cmon team X Wants you smiley

lvl 35+ and active smiley

Guild:553177 smiley

Minimum Admission Requirements: Language = English.
~Level 20 or Higher to Join!
~Highly Active (This Includes The Guild Message Board)!
~GREEN Face Fair Play Rating Or Better And Maintain It!
~No Foul Language Toward Other Opponents or Friends!

Close Please He Found Already A NIce Decent Guild

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Close please.


saturday 08/08/2009

Delete this please smiley


For level 35 +
we need loyal members smiley

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