monday 03/08/2009

Well sounds good to me : ) i have applied so hopefully u will accept thanks and i am lv 14 now but same everything else : )

Well hello ium lv 14 and i feel as if this is a nice guild to join so i will send my aplication in and hopefully ill be accepted : )

PS. i have a bad fair play rating because my lilttle brother used to start battle and let them time out im sorry if u dont accept me because of this but thats the reaaon of my bad fair play rating which is only 91%

sunday 02/08/2009

We are looking for fresh blood. The Gupta Empire started as an Ancient Indian empire which has existed from 280AD and covers most of the world. The Imperial Guptas will achieve our succes through force of arms with an efficient martial system. Peace and prosperity will be created. You can join here

Ok, I have gone back to XK where i belong. I will there until UR closes or I get too old to play anymore.
I appreciate all the offers, there have been so many great guilds offer a spot to me and I really do appreciate it.
I just cant sit by and watch my guild crumble. Who knew one person could have such a impact on a guild.
Well thats my emo moment for the year.
Mods please close. Thanks

Join guild:637977 10th in the UK Rankings and going higher!

Thanks a much for all the replies guys.

Devil's curse to join Devil's curse

Devil's curse to join Devil's curse

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Join my guild, it's the best for elo, check us out: the lower class!

If u can get at least 1200 in elo, join my guild, the lower class!

Join, our guild avg. elo is 1240 and all 26 members have a score

Destroy please

Espada's rule over all of heuco mundo don't be good destroy all become an espada.

Recruitment: level 15 and up.
green face or angel face.

Crush all in ur way to become an Espada.
Founder: Grimmjow 38
Admin: Looking for positions.

saturday 01/08/2009

Sure, bring whatever you want. (preferably a pastry *wink wink*)

Guild of Rejects.

Guild: guild:644339 recruits players above level 40.
It is an international guild, but not need to speak several languages.
If you are interested you just have to applysmiley

Close please im already in 1 of my friends guild that hes creating

Sanity is now closed for Joining up,
If you want to join, please contact me or one of the admins,
Thank you,

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