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monday 25/12/2017

Wait one more auction then I m done!!
Because it's Christmas!!

0 KILLIC won

Kk im now lock and loaded with crs

Sold ty

Done with this one move to next!

All gone

Besides I will announce the buyer I've chosen and their offer for everyone to see in forum for everyone to be a witness!

Want to buy your dr elisa as a private sale for 180 000 Clintz
Send me a pm

I will take a Zis and Pedro pls.smiley

Or Reine Cr 0xp for 1 Ymirah and 600k clintz

Jackie 0xp
If so #jackie 0xp + 2 Behemoth vs #kerozinn cr 0xp +180K cash
If jackie full that comp is 110K

sunday 24/12/2017

Wrong forum..
however, i trade my toro and i'm looking for behemoth,serafina and cash

Sold and I would like to wish all the Ur players a Merry Christmas! smiley

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