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thursday 28/02/2008

Someone please give me a good price for them.. please... if you got it hook me upsmiley

Cheaper than the 2.5k she is on the market. Anyone want to part with one for say 1.5k or 1k and a good card? I know noone is really using her! Thanks write me in private if interested!

Please tell me

wednesday 27/02/2008

Could you raise the prize to like to a thousand?
I got a Steve.

3250 for a fully evolved kerry.

Take out sentinel, gheist and nightmare please

I'll just take the Loma Noju for the Lilly. Priv sale it to me.

O can sell u timber for 3000 finall form

Selling over 79 eve 0 xp my price is 900 per one wait for offers i can sell one by one smiley

I have aquired the cards.

527 000 clints not in soleils.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley.smiley

Yah aint good i'll use a wee lee instead and what you gonna do with 19 razor smileysmileysmiley

What pussycat and montanas do u have? just selling or wanna trade?

I done the same with razor i have 178 of him lol

Elvira 318

Miranda, john, k cube, dean, sai san all for sale what u offer?

Is your Guener Cr maxxed or 0exp or in between?

I've acquired Splata. Only interested in Marlysa Cr at this point. The Ombre Cr and Nahi Cr are still available to trade; Miss Twice Cr and Selsya Cr are gone.

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