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saturday 31/05/2008

1k for my 2* Hel

I need Crs willing to trade rares and a mix of clintz for them. just personal message me if you want to make a deal

friday 30/05/2008

Sell u graksmxxt for 5000

Sell my leviatonn for 5000

I have ice jim and razor pm me if you wantsmiley

Mods please close i have sold my cards

Mods please close i have sold my cards

I would sell for 16k but i didnt buy any credits srry

Yes bos i am a boy ha ha ha mode close this all are sold

Do we hav a dealsmiley

Make it good and no multi offers

How much you got?

Kolos+splata cr+nahicr+Fifty for Juicy Lordsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

20 messages

Tell us what you have left in your deck, and People may trade you a crap card if you have anything good in your deck to get it out

Bump i will do trades also

Can anyone close this forum

Mods please close this im now done selling

Cerco queste carte
juicy lord
vermyn n
loma noju
z3r0 d34d
fatemi sapere con messaggi privati! smiley

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