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sunday 17/02/2008

Looking for around 280k in clintz, or cr or both smiley get her before the price rackets even further up smiley

(currently at 250k but will go up in the next couple days, predicting it hits 320k at its peak smiley)


If you got a pack with credits you have won, it doesn't unlock the ability to sell/trade cards. you have to purchase credits.


Note, willinfrance cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I have a fully evolved saddy I want to trade for chloe, can someone please do this for me.

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I'll send you two Nobrocybrix for 100 each

saturday 16/02/2008

I need clintz plz

I have a maxed Jenny. I will trade for your lvl 1 Petra.smiley

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Get me a card any card don't matter.


Hey i need vickie and marina i am willing to swap or buy pm me with ur offers
(any level will do)
fnx for looking tiny

I'm not buying anyone at the moment but I just wish to know what Tshern's ability is...smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

hot logo UR 36 messages

K fine geofree789 wins
this auction is closed

WRONG MSG.BOARD.........CLOSE.........

Gaia is 7000 on the market.

I will buy ambre how much?

1700 for vansaar in ps please

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