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friday 06/06/2008

12000 clintz and well talk

Forget this fourm mods please close


Pam and tanner

thursday 05/06/2008

Buying vladimir for 600

Make it 16k and its a deal

I can sell u kenny for 20,000 clintz maxed out

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Can sum1 trade me for ndololo cr

Ill battle u

I´ll buy it for the lowest price you post

Only post if ur selling sms codes

I am hoping to buy a miss twice cr off someone for 22k

please reply though pm plz

I will trade. pm me

As subject says...i wanna buy Kerry from Rescue. i want her to have as little stars as possible. 1 star preferebly..
all who want's to make sales msg me on private and i will consider offer. we negotiate the price...or if it's afordable i will buy instatly...

i wouldn't buy her, but she's the only card i need to complete full rescue ...

I'll give you my Lulabee for Hattori, Windy Mor and Sakazuki

Want peeler otakool keanew loly then pm me ok man smiley smiley

GraksmxxT is already sold smiley

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@0 paolo : i dont have cash for 900 pieces lol ...
buy i can buy a few for 950 each if u wqant....ill tell u how many later...because ive just speant a LOT of money triying new decks in ELO ...(about 30K)

Selling this cards


Mods please close all have been sold

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