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saturday 10/05/2008

Lowest offer ill buy

Bid for Swidz Cr
Min 17500
Buy now 18500

Best offer gets it

friday 09/05/2008

I'll do it if you add 6000 instead of 3000.

Wat can u offer for Nahi??

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I got vickies ill trade 1 for a thaumaturge cr or beltran cr or miss twice cr

Not 5000 thats me over payin by a lot

maybe 2000 or 3000

Wait another week. the price will come tumbling down

As any other "comercial" activity, it´s not the comics, but speculation, that make prices rocket.
When Jeeves was released some4 or 6 ewwks ago, many ppl said tyler would go Cr.
Looking at the comics, its the same thing! someone speculates some card will go Cr and the market stirs up!

Bought, mods please close

It is phonos and level max u can sell 400 to kate

Please close. Thank you

I have 4 maxxed Kenny that I am willing to trade for any of your Vickie cards.

Please PM me or post on this thread if you would like to do the trade. Thank you.

Mods please close...I already bought mine from the market...

Just sell them

Ill buy your 3 star uncommon card for 200 each
i will also buy max gastroboy and max phonos for 350 each

13k plus 6 montana over 3k value

What do you want ??
For Kolos

Again, PM's are appreciated. Thanks.

Really looking for some good Rescue clan. PM for trades/price. I'll work something out with what I have.

I got a privet offer in my mail an he bought it

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