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wednesday 20/02/2008

Mods please delete this

I'm looking for cr's I'm low on clintz but I'm willing to give up la junta clan and bangers

pm me with ur answer please

Well im my country i use my mobile smiley

Please close topic

I Need Some Bangers P.M Me For Sales I Want Them Under Market Price! Please!

Mods please close this thread got card i was looking for

Lulabee 3k
Marco 3.5k
Clara 2k
Macumba 1.9k
Striker 2k

Ill sell Gibson (C) + Crassus (R)

Buying kenny
pm your price

Buying theses rescue :
hax 800 clintz
steve 1200 clintz
kerry 2200 clintz
marco 3200 clitnz

all prices are negotiable, PM me sellers smiley

tuesday 19/02/2008

Wat? do u mean like trade with out doing the 50 clintz exchange?

Hammer for 1k mario for 500 and rubie for 5k

Lol your stupid man no one give a kenny for peeler or kawan

How bout 2600 for Striker??

7.2k maxxed leviatonn

Hi i would like to purchase some rare and uncommon sentinels . i have 3000 clintz . i would preferbaly like miss chloe , chloe , havok and copper as i have most of the other sentinels . please any nice people who want to help out a noob and make a friend for life sell me some cards lol smiley

Zdrone forsale!
cant go higher than 10,000.
Please post or pm me the price.
Also if u dont want to waste your clintz give me Lilly,Ben,Petra,Na boh or anycard doesnt matter.
I rather have 10 cards

I except clintz an resalable trades

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