wednesday 23/01/2008

I want to buy an esmeralda for cheap. the highest i'll go is 190. i will maybe trade for it. i have a crystal lvl 3 that i will trade with if need be.

Note, robimtk cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Thats much higher that the market prices... smileysmiley

good luck... you'll need it

tuesday 22/01/2008

Im buying him for 10000 with no xp post here or pm me

=D im happy had an extra kenny =d

Prince jr is lvl 2 and john is lvl 2 rick lvl 1

Ill sell you my Kolos lvl one for 30k

Im willing to give alexei, copper, alec , and anita for 1000 clintz and ashigaru:cool?

Oh man i wood've sold u cellsmiley

I would really appreciate if someone would be willing to give me Phonos for cheaper than the market price. I was thinking about 200-250 clintz? Thanks

Bought, close please

Ok ill sell him to u for 3000clintz. if you hove a different offer tell me ok

iff u want to ad me my name is robimtk

If anyone has Kenny put it here , you can post teh price or you can just PM me, im looking to get it UNDER market price and i dont really care if its level 1

Anyone have ambre cheap? really need it

I can sell you Gaia, Lulabee and Hikiyousan. PM me for prices.

Too Low Price.... Lulabee is like 3k and the training ll 5 levels up 1k... So 6k or some good cards and i sell her.

Buying Don (U)
pm me with price.

I will buy or exchange for Leviatonn

Oops forgot to close this

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