saturday 03/11/2007

How much you want for Don?

Ill buy Python for 250.

How much you want for Bodenpower?

How much for your Vermyn N and BB Cool G?

How much for your Wolfgang?

Ill sell u him

Ill sell u one for 1800 cheaper than market

Their both 10k

Can i get any of your junkz pussycats or uppers?

How much for peeler or any of the leaders?

smileysmileysmiley I've already buy one~~~~~~~smiley te card d

How mutch for methane

I am willing to trade Oyoh for Alec. mail me if interested.......... smileysmiley

I don't have 9000 clintz. i only have 2.5 k but i can trade a card for him

Ill buy baby q for 900

I will buy Lulabee for 1900 lvl 1

friday 02/11/2007

Diyo For 3000
Geuner fOR 3000

How much for ashigarusmiley

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