sunday 30/09/2007

Trade done close topic


Y0u win clints in each battel you can use the clints on market to buy cards
in daly tourament you win credits to use in shop for buy new packs
and you can buy credits in shop for real monyey if you have done you can sell you cars on market

I have ahigaru and 1k waiting?

Guys elly mae has gone
i would sell both ashigaru and vickie for 12k?ot close offers if yyou have any good cards like kawan (maxed)
just post it

Buying level 1 zatman for 2.9k

Ist simple,sedn someone card for 50,and he back you other card for 50c....

Sorry,my leviatonn is maxed so 1500

What will i get for Kati? i will trade her for Estalt. i really need him for my collection.smiley

I will buy him for 500 clintz

Leave offers please.. lower than market please..

And secondly..ur cards are overpriced =)

saturday 29/09/2007

4 messages

Ill give 1 of urs for 1 of mine

Ill buy, but idk how, im new a this

Silly offer i i would give most of my collection for that card

Need level 1 zatman for me if you want to trade

How much will u pay for it?

Selsya cr for a couple of the new recruits

friday 28/09/2007

How do you trdae cards??

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