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friday 08/02/2008

Can any1 sell me an Kenny for 15200 clintz? please? its all the money i have ill try to make more money after getting kenny and pay you back 2800 clintz >.> any1?

I got most of your orders in but ppl start whispering its easyer

He could get 40k for them if he sells at the min price on the market at the moment.

thursday 07/02/2008

I can give 25k right now, anyone interested pm me

How much for Joao?

I have your Dan that you are looking for and i am willing to sell it to you for 659clintz

So this is at max level

Hey buddy remember me? you've gotten a lot more cards than I remeber when we fought

I need Leviatonn from gheist in any lvl
i give gaia noel *11 (all max lvl)
erpeto * 2 (max lvl and 3lvl)

Any body??? plz i barely have anymoney

If they're maxxed, I'll trade, 2Tanner and 500 for Rolph

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A fully evolved Marco for 2500

I like all your offers but i already have sold Kolos. thanx for the offers thoufh

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Do u have lamar?

I know dis is a long shot but if u want meg dat badly, i cn sell it 2 you 4 50clintz in da condition dat u pass me an sms code so i can sell it 2 u. this is just a suggestion.

Is kerozinn 0 xp?

Ive got a copper for 5500?

wednesday 06/02/2008

Umm,,,i guess not,,,,i said,,,,MODS. COULD U PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD,,,,,,,thank u,,,,lol

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