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saturday 01/03/2008

I have all the available pussycats cards in the shop,, now,all i need are the collectors..

i need anyone who can sell them to me at a verry cheap price,,, i mean verry cheap,,, i dont have a lot of clintz

Buying petra of sakrhom pls. cheap is good. or put ur price for her here

Cancel my offers, i just got one =)

Please close. sold him

Vassili lvl4 +7 power you want that for only clintZ 230clintz

I'll trade Juicy Lord, Lelena, and Timmy, and 2k if need more I'll add a Hammer.

Well I have all 3 of these guys given my new packs bought today.
I am taking offers looking for gheist goods like methane and leviatonn, also some pussycats perhaps the CR from pussycat clan. Also maybe some of the best bangers... I could take a kenny as well perhaps.
Anyone looking for the bomb new guys should make me an offer.

It aint chocolate!

Im actually want clints but if you list the cards i will consider it

friday 29/02/2008

Hello, I search to asighnaru offer 3.000 clintzsmiley

100 clintz for kenny

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I got them all now im looking for hammer and erepto smiley

But it is so expensive smileysmiley

Anyone selling a CR for 10k?

3520 havok

Mod please close this thread as i have spent my money

Mods, if youm could please close the post smiley

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Maybe, coz....
for a start i answerd this smiley
as i said THE prices GO UP + DOWN
and yes they prob wouldsmiley

Subject close thanks.

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Sorry peoples really i have sold it on market

... well, Auction's over, sorry 'bout late finish, got tied up. I will PM all winners

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