wednesday 09/01/2008

Good luck, u'll need it leviatonn price in market is the triple of those 2

Mark is sold..

This can be closed now.

Lol. ok. i start with... hmm. 2 ways. 2 Klaus. one card will be randomly given on for me smiley

Sell them to Kate for 400, there isn't much of a difference after the 5%

Can anyone tell me any cards you have for sell. I only got 566 clintz (im poorsmileysmiley)
I really like Freaks and Uppers please make it less.

Ok well, i've added about 40 more cards up for sale, theyre all beating the market prices as of now. goodluck, bb

tuesday 08/01/2008

Dudes sell it to me or iem going to buy one from the market 500 we r talking about 500 that can help u

Ill give you 748 for onik

Also if somones got a kinjo any level can u sell it cheap to me ill pay 500

The market value is only 7k and Kenny's value is 12-13k

All of this card for my ELya Cr ??

Close this got what i needed For 50 each smiley

Hi.I`m interested in changing/buy reine cr,ombre cr and/or a award cr By soleils cards (swidz, cassio, etc ...) and clintz.lots of soleils 0xp.please,real offers

Dorian and erton

Offer to me the price!!!!!
send to me the price!!!!!
any lvl!!!!!

Please close this, it did not reach my reserve price

Maxed XU52?

monday 07/01/2008

Ill sell you hel for 600

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