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wednesday 06/02/2008

Il swap graff for 2x tafa and a amielia

I will sell you a blaster and bb cool g

I am just south of 2k right now so i will try to work my way to 3k allrightsmiley

Nop. 1k for 1


please leave offers

Anyone? as I said..I'm willing to be the underdog of the trade..I'm willing to go a little higher than what's on the market for Marlysa Cr..smiley

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I want Estalt (U) for 1k.private trade me

Erpeto for Onik n Mark (C) n Slyde(C) for kerry

What do you want for bobby and alec

Do you hav Cr's?

2k hugo or bridget

smiley i hope some1 can sell me one....but anyway thasmileynks to you...

Zatman for 3k pls?

Im Buying a Selsya Cr below market price Message me or post here. also make sure you add the level and your price

All are level 1 sorry forgot that, but i sold all but the kiki's graksmxxt and rosa they are on the public market at the moment.

1500 for kerry mp answer

Baby Q for 2450 clintz

Bridget(R) for Gaia(R)

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