friday 04/01/2008

Im buying rick and copper PM me

Got dragan cr...still looking for sigmund cr for 200k

Sorry to point this out but lost hog comes no where close to any Cr so I really don't think anyones going to do this.

Sorry Just pointing that out smiley

Mods can close this thread. i got wht i was looking for

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You can't...
Note, yjyjytu cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

All these cards on sale are maxed lvl cards...
here's the minimum clintz i want for gastroboy : 700 clintz
im selling my jeff from ulu watu too...
and katsuhkay is on sale too

Cards Currently on sale :
Gastroboy(700 clintz)
Mac Hen
*when i didnt reply to your offers...its either im not online for a ew days or i dont like that offer or im considering.. so pls give me some time before i can reply your PMs*

thursday 03/01/2008

Card has been sold so please close thread

Untill you buy credits for real money you can only sell those cards to kate.

Ok, please close this topic

Its ok,
no 1 is ever on in the guild battles tho....

To jimbo hey jimbo was(correct me if im wrong) beatboxer gonna give you a kerozzin cr if so she is worth 20,000 clintssmiley

Please close this topic..

Rite hears the deal i need money to buy a vickie so im acutioning perle reserve price: 3,900 clints this simply means if this doesnt reach the reserve price i can choose not to sell it but if it does i MUST sell it to the highest bidder the deadline is friday 4th of january 2008 at 5pm

ok start bidding plz

Buyin Selsya Cr 29 250

Im also luking 4 veenyle,malmoth and,peeler

wednesday 02/01/2008

How many clintz do u want?,,,, or how bout a marina n 4k clintz?

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