thursday 13/12/2007

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Im interesed and for alec and ghoub

Please close this. Someone already responded.

Looking for kiki cr. i have almost every card....write your offers

Ill buy it...
pm me or make private auction

I am currently looking for a lobo lvl.max with a discount from the market price

Anyone selling Leviatonne ?

I will Buy ur marco for 1100 clintz

I Buy Ambrose Cr I will pay on Clintz.. Post your price here .. Thank you

wednesday 12/12/2007

I am Selling:
Candy Jack (C) (Maxxed) 490 clintz
Gibson (C) (2/4) 370 Clintz
Janine (U) (2/3) 280 Clintz
Joao (R) (maxxed) 1000 Clintz
Kati (U) (maxxed) 800 Clintz
Maeva (C) (2/3) 150 Clintz
TrinmkkT (U) (2/4) 550 Clintz
Mort Bax (C) (3/4) 250 Clintz

If u hav pm mesmiley

Give me diyo cr and cassio cr for kerozinn cr

Baby Q

If you guys have methana for sale at 3000 plz send me a tell

I want to buy Splata but i have only 20 k Clintz so i dont thing any1 would be interested. But if yes let me know pls.

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