monday 31/12/2007

I do but sry not givin away cuz i got timber an xia leming

Syndey lvl max isn't gonna cover 14k lol

Which rare card? And Storm King is in the lead (Sorry Panzer i already said it was a week tourney SRY!)

Curvecut...DEAL!! chek you private message

I'll buy skull face 159

PM me with your offer for Elvira level1

6400 kerry

I trade my crs searching for good cards and others crs

cassio cr
swidz cr
miss twice cr
kerozinn cr
skullface cr

You can also post yourown amount

Ok sorry every1 but i already have all this cards except 4 selsya cr...

sunday 30/12/2007

1k for Bridget!!!!!!! <---------- I will laugh if i i win!

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I offer 180 4 bhudd, best offer till now

I bought alec i little while ago this thread can be closed

I'll sell don for 1200 and mona for 1000

Hi everybody!
I'm buying Estalt for 900 clintz

I have Timber what's your price?

More offers?

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