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saturday 23/02/2008

To sell Guru Cr (Cr) who wants to send me private mensaja

Just as the topic says, looking for a Loma Noju to finish my all stars deck. Got a hugo 3 which is pretty much a trade across, but if I need to throw in a common or uncommon to round it off I will...

I will trade my tanaereva and jackie for a good cr pm me

Hey guys,

Im in need of a Loma Noja.. I got a lvl 3 hugo I would like to trade straight across for it. They both have pretty equal market values.. however if needed a Common or Uncommon could be thrown in.

Hi im king trex and im tryion my best to get miss twice cr im willin to give u every recuse (all of them and there all maxxed) and i dont care what lvshe on i just want her

Id buy it at 4500

I'd say new blood or whatever pack has your favorite class in it smiley
I'd rather go for the 3 cards and maybe getting all 3 as rares than getting one lousy rare and a bunch of useless commons.
I have gotten 2 rares in one pack smiley

friday 22/02/2008

Pm me, interested in both your kerozinn crs and splata cr smiley

I need a Methane and Nistarock, but i need to buy for under market price... so if anyone is willing to help me out let me know smiley

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I buy

B Ball 2
Marina 4
Ashley 2
Juicy Lord 3
Graff 2
Striker 4

What sort of Ballyhoo are you? Where's the % of gold cap per day? C'mon, I'll watch an advert for you, and you give me a Tanaereva...LOLZ! I'll give 6k for Gaia...spare some thought for a fellow AQ player.

Mods close this some1 has already 1

Hey man if any one wants to sell dorian, sell me
i'll buy it for 3500 clintzsmiley

I've decided to add some Crs I currently have to the list as well. I now want offers for the following cards, as well as those above:

Page Cr
Nahi Cr
Cassio Cr
Thaumaturge Cr
Guener Cr
Diyo Cr
Elya Cr
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr
Beltran Cr
Kerozzin Cr
Selsya Cr
Jim Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Swidz Cr
Seldnor Cr

I'm willing to trade/buy any of the Crs listed in this post and the top post if the price is right. Message me with your offers or post here if you have time because it will be slower to post because of the acceptance time.

Ghoub - 300
anita - 300

Zzzzzzzzzzzz That mean you buy some cards not a pack smiley

I'm buying:


on min price

send me mseeage

Also, you haven't bought credits yet, so you won't be able to trade or sell on public or private markets.

I'm surprised to see either Manon Cr or Guru Cr even mentioned on the English trade forum. The best of luck to you Ravensmiley

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