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thursday 24/04/2008

Plz plz plz people can i have an lamar

I ve got a timber 4 700 coins really cheap 3 rd form plz buy

Don't pm,sell your lamar cr in my sales for a reine cr maxed already
Sell it to my sales,ASAP
First come,First served


@ OBD_Blacklist i thought you was collecting kolos?

Pls. if someone can sell me these cards for a cheap price pls. pm me.. tnx..
sheitane & dieter

Hey frnds plzzz can u help me i got 3600 clintz like can anyone sell em a mona and otaavia like both cards for 3600 plzzz if anyone interested give me smiley......thank usmiley

SoLd aLL aLready??

I'm looking to trade for a Melissa Cr.

I have quite number of cards for trade. I have some duplicate Cr's like Splata Cr, Miss Twice Cr, Seldnor Cr, Page Cr, Diyo Cr, Geuner Cr, and Cassio Cr that i can include in the trade. I also have good cards like Kenny, Charlie, Dorian, Yayoi, Gertrud, Olga, Kerry, Blaaster, Striker, Willy, etc. that i can include in trades.

I may also add clintz but I prefer trading cards instead.

Please contact me or post here if you have an offer.

Thank you.

Mixed EKLORE for 70k

wednesday 23/04/2008

Close this thread

No you can buy her for like 1000 now

He needs to BUY those cards. please read his posts.

No more Blaasters for sale ATM. People are silly. I sold 50 of them for 4900-5000 and only one person asked for the cheaper price from the forum. Oh well. smiley

Thread can be closed.

Looking for good bargains and auctions

Oh ok thnx everyone!!!!!!!!

I have a saddy,you give me other card for him

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