sunday 23/12/2007

I need a kinjo please higheset ill go is 1200 clintz will anyone sell him to me?

Buying kenny, any lvl for 9k

I have all except timber and bryan and me with your offer..smiley


post ur offers above

* minimum 2.6k *

Pm me how many!(more gwen's means more payment)

PS:if you are selling one,you might send it to me fo 500c(my minimum pay)


Private sale your offers to me.. the lowest please.. smiley

Elling in a auction perle..
minimum bid is 3500

The lowest price on the market at this very moment in time is 1050 clintz

Lea is way too expensive

An ombre cr for both plus 5000 clintz

I have 4500 clintz so can you sell Gabrielle to me in 2250 clintz and Wee Lee for 2250 clintz

My reserve price for graksmxxt around 15k, And I assume reserve price for Marina 4k, so I delay this trade until tommorow

Im buying Rosa, Miss Chloe and Gaia.

saturday 22/12/2007

Laetitia - lvl 4 - 600
check the market

I buy a rass for 600 clintz!!!!!!
compro un rass por 600 clintz!!!!!!!

Lamar fully evolved 14k

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