monday 14/01/2008

Buying Selysa Cr around 25k

Cmon sell me your splata cr's smiley

Mod please close transaction complete and cards recieved

Trading my zero exp edd for a fully maxed edd

Note, FrenkMaFioZZo cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

1.5 M in soleils?

I wanna Lyse Teria.
Who can trade mesmiley

Mods please close this thread

I buy don , pm me

Mods please close this thread

Please close this is soldsmiley

As it says, i'm trading bryan for gertrud

To be clear...

i ll trade a lvl 3 svethlana for a lvl1 svethlana....

or 200 clintz for a lvl 1 svethlana... smiley

I got 275 clintz and sum cards to trade pm me if ure interested

cards i will include are fifty and allan

*bump* any more offers?smiley

Close this thread please bought from friend for 5300 and terry maxxed...

Trading lvl5 dorian to lvl3 Dorian?

who is interested?

Oh nvm i miss understood because i did not read and someone else did not read

Does anyone have her
pm me with the price

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