sunday 16/12/2007

Il sell u a wanda for 500

I am buying Jane Ramba for 829 clintz.

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Ah man!
Wish I could!! I don't have the money smiley

Trading my Loma Noju max level for Methane or Leviatonn any level.

Need the ff.

i only have 3,500

Peleer for 900
dash for 750
veenyle for 900
otakol for 950
berserkgirl for 1.2k

if you want to sell send me as private

Admin please close this.. thanks


I sell Lamar for 12ksmiley

I have both maxed what do you offer??


I will seel

Wot do u want for him

I have python

The auction is over. I bought it for 20,000 clintz.smiley

Please sell me one swidz cr Please !!! I am begging all of you!!!!

Do you have GAIA (R)? How much you sell it to me?

Check the market

Well this is my right well anyways, Mod plz close this, i changed my mind and so post another one later on wat i really want.

Gah..whoops...sorry wrong post..sorry Just looked at the

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