thursday 23/07/2009

Hey join my guild it got nice people it is called Urban Heroe Brotherhood Power this guild is a good one



guild:605011 smiley

Join now and experience the awesomeness. smiley


Hi im SP_LUKE you have to be:
Over lvl 15
Active Player
I sent this out because we ahve a small group at the moment and we hope to build it up and hoping you could help us
We have level 40s and 30
Join Now Dont Be Left Out

Come on.Join the SOB.The greatest guild smiley smiley .

Are you an ambitious madman with a passion for baking? Do you want to terrify your opponents not only with your deck, but also with your culinary expertise? Then consider joining Blood Muffins--the only guild dedicated to furthering the ancient art of baking blood muffins!! You will recieve access not only to our growing collection of cheap deck ideas, but will also benefit from our soon-to-be-published library of blood muffin literature!

All levels are accepted. Go to to join or contact me for more information, including blood muffin recipies!

wednesday 22/07/2009

Hey afro guild:541981
feel free to join my academy why because its full of wacky people and hey if you join you will be (fanfare tune) the one hundredth member. also when you reach that magic number of level 30 you will be able to join my awesome and amazing guild called Urban Madness which kicks as much *ss as a player getting number 1 in elo with Fpc...

and finally in the words of Confucius
every journey starts with a step

words from UM-1984
every journey starts with Urban Madness academy.

hope you join and if you do i'll let you in for a little secret about urban-rivals and how you can get awesome tips on it and that.

If you change your name too CCC_(~~~~~) you will get admin!

Gods of Rock is a pretty new guild, so you will get to be an admin. We are looking for active members and will have giveaways and events soon.


Close this Please I'll make a new one.

Join the guild, knights academy. its an awesome guild where there are many very nice people who help you out constantly while teaching you the ropes. after suceeding at all you can and reaching lvl 30, you get the right to be in the #10 best guild in usa, xaviers knights

Our guild is becomeing one of the best and starting to get togather tournaments and really good players on our team and we have alot of fun... we are looking for people who are active and have a least a ok elo deck and wat to have friends and we wont you!!

tuesday 21/07/2009

My guild is recruiting lvl 6+
my guild is called the circle of black thorn

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters is a growing guild of true professionals to once a month players, and the best news is that we are now recruiting! After a talk of the Admin’s we have decided that we will let players from all countries join. Don’t miss our...

Playing in our Private Gaming Room!
Chatting to other players in the online chat facilities!
Playing for prizes!
Getting tips on how to improve!
And all those tips and tricks!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to join the freedom fighters!


Love 2 Hate Me (Founder)

Come in The DA and you'll get prizes we are frindly just come now

Close please Wize offered me to join his guild.

Hello and well come to Terran commanded this guild was made by me for one reason so any Starcraft fans could join and talk to fellow starcraft players. there are a few very simple rules in this guild that i will now list. after the rules i will list the benefits of joining.

Rule 1. listen to your commanding officers insubordination will not be tolerated .
Rule 2. be active in the forum if you think there is a way for us to be better please say something.
Rule 3. be active and have a good time.

there are three benefits for joining

1 there will be people you can talk to about starcraft or any thing else you chooses.
2 there will be a weekly card give away prize will vary
3 we can help you with almost anything you need

Here is a link to the guild

I am recruiting any new people for the guild, A 'n' D Warriors. I am willing to allow anyone who like to battle for no reason, unless want to gain clintz, credits or be top. There is nothing really good about this guild other than being part of a guild, and and having someone to always battle. We lack things like giveaways and events since we don't have proper funds or don't meet the required level to organize events.

So here are our requirements:

*You must fight most battles and try not to flee, unless you must. You have to have a orange face or higher.*
*Accepting level 5 or more*
*Must be english speaking*

Our guild page where you could join.

P.S. A 'n' D Warriors stands for "Armed and Dangerous Warriors.

monday 20/07/2009

Pleaz destroy this subject we have to shut the guild down

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