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saturday 01/08/2009

Guild: guild:644339 recruits players above level 40.
It is an international guild, but not need to speak several languages.
If you are interested you just have to applysmiley

Close please im already in 1 of my friends guild that hes creating

Sanity is now closed for Joining up,
If you want to join, please contact me or one of the admins,
Thank you,

friday 31/07/2009

Yo everybody. smiley

I WANT YOU, to join the wave. smiley


Close this please

If you want to join my guild you have to be the best or at least you have to become the best. I'm not a very high
level but dont under estimate me, you will regret it. My goal to become the biggist guild out there, so pleeeease


Hmm, looks like I found one, you can close this if you'd be so kind mods.

We are proud and strong we are only six so we need more people to join and we don't give up easily. *REQUIRMENTS* you have to be level 12+ and up. you must at least have a fair gameplay that means your smiley face has to be green or yellow.you must be an active player.*WE DO NOT REQUIRE ELO POINTS BUT FEEL FREE IF YOU WANT* We are "The Infamous Underdogs"!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 30/07/2009

You should join banger delight we love for you to join

wednesday 29/07/2009

Lmao oh cwap, I love homestar runner! especially stong bad emails smiley

Nice guild smiley

No ads on other ppls ads dude, thats disrespectful.

Correction:The Active
and Dead_Boy wants you

Destroy please

Destroy please

Join its you will feel like this is home smiley i dont like home will you can feel it like it better than home .

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