wednesday 05/12/2007

Elvira for 1200 n marco for 1500

I want Rosa smiley

I got my card so admin u my close

tuesday 04/12/2007

I need kerry to complete my first clan and i have 5k and some cards to trade kenny kati kinjo sakazuki estalt linda mojo all max lvl

Buying mark 1k.

PM me with private sale plz.


Got lulabee but itz at lvl 5

Note, pelekai9 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

U can't trade cards but u can buy them....

monday 03/12/2007

Sorry guys changed my ELO deck opinions...

I have arround 180 cards pm and tell me what you want

All cards are sold

Selsya Cr for 2 swidz ,havok and nistarok

I am currently selling a 0xp NDololo cr. name your pricesmiley

Jane ramba
pm me with your offers

I got whole set make me a offer

No. i need old cr. i realy wanna trade it for Sum Sam cr

I am willing to buy Juicy Lord for 1600 clintz... sell it 2 me rite away n i will buy it ASAP smiley

Hugo for 345

Baby Q 2800

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