saturday 06/10/2007

Well does anyone want to sell me their crassus for 640c?

Someone brought all the crassus 640c.

WIll anyone sell me crassus for 640c?

Buying zatman for 3700

friday 05/10/2007

How much for dean,maybe we can trade...

I search marlysa cr, no buy, only change, my cards is soleil, cr etc...

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Cant do trade or buy with credits sorrysmiley

Buying Boris for 1,400 clintz..

thursday 04/10/2007

I've got page cr. not maxed of course smiley But why for only 1000? Also, Rubie isn't that great and I payed like around 4,000 clintz for page because shes retired.

Please respond by private message thank you

Im looking to buy a kerozinn for around 9000

Timber lvl 4
oyoh lvl 5


wednesday 03/10/2007

I will pay 30,000 clintz for the fist stage only of Ambrose Cr.

Do you have a zatman level 1 for 3k

You can't trade or sell your cards you didn't buy any credits

Ok vickie sold, leviatonn bought (ty JoeOfCiranEVO) an ty all of u

now i only need kennyd methane, doesnt matter if evolved or not, please offer me, i will buy right now

Anyone sell me a titus for cheapsmiley

Buy vickie 11K, put on private for me...

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