monday 24/12/2007

I can trade it for a miss chloe to

This is starting already to be too much, so you got yourself a nice blacklist.

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Jacquesman, as I said in other of your post, if I see you one more time trying to scam people I'll make sure you get a nice blacklist time.

Senior, 9 characters out of 320.

if you try to scam people like this again you will get a long time on the blacklist, if not worse.

Will buy for 600 -700 clintz

sunday 23/12/2007

Ok put it in my private sale for 550 clints

Note, step hen cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I will sell my marco for 3500

Ifu give me it now i will pay 2.5k for it

How about for a lamar

How about for blaaster??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

For xu52

I need a kinjo please higheset ill go is 1200 clintz will anyone sell him to me?

Buying kenny, any lvl for 9k

I have all except timber and bryan and me with your offer..smiley


post ur offers above

* minimum 2.6k *

Pm me how many!(more gwen's means more payment)

PS:if you are selling one,you might send it to me fo 500c(my minimum pay)

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