sunday 23/12/2007

An ombre cr for both plus 5000 clintz

I have 4500 clintz so can you sell Gabrielle to me in 2250 clintz and Wee Lee for 2250 clintz

My reserve price for graksmxxt around 15k, And I assume reserve price for Marina 4k, so I delay this trade until tommorow

Im buying Rosa, Miss Chloe and Gaia.

saturday 22/12/2007

Laetitia - lvl 4 - 600
check the market

I buy a rass for 600 clintz!!!!!!
compro un rass por 600 clintz!!!!!!!

Lamar fully evolved 14k

I have got him now finallysmiley yo mods you can close this thread now

Mod plz close this..i got Lulabee and Gabrielle. Marina, i'll get later/


Ok already got it thanks for the PMs

Changed my mind please lock this thread please

smileyi think this thread is already dead for the author

I am no longer buying dieter-

Ill trade you 3 rares for it

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Offer your prices..if you want we can trade..i will ask a mod to do this..smiley

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