saturday 08/12/2007

HolyWizy..why don't u just wait for a week for so? The price of Timmy will drop down to like 5k

I want to buy Charlie for 2000 clintz...anyone interested pm me.

Anyone got tanaereva?

Baby Q For Trade

How much for Hel ?

Mod plz close this, i already got it.

Ok so far still have
Mitch (C)
Angelina (C)
Mort Bax (C)
mickey t
mo difalco

I buy all of that cards at same time or avulses..

Ricardo(C) 120
Pino(C) 120
Angelina(C) 160
Mona(U) 500
Don(U) 700
Murphy(R) 1000
Ottavia(C) 1200
Rosa(R) 1400

Non-maxed prefered

Juicy Lord (will trade Willy for himif you dont want to sell)

Ulu Watu:

Post your prices and/or message me

Well im buying lyse teria cr at the moment i want to know what people want for her

All cards r max lvl

I am looking for Jim Cr and Dragan Cr.

I am willing to exchange a combinatin of my duplicate cards. I have all non CR's except for Rescue. Tessa, XU52, Splata, Swidz, Cassio, Lamar, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Miss Twice Cr, Kerozinn Cr are some of the cards I have available to exchange with. If you are looking for any other cards, please message me and I am willing to work out a deal.

215 for amy i have carlos, rebecca amy josh klaus and some dlack woman

I'm willing to buy Hax for 647 Clintz, I know it's a big difference...But, I really need Hax.

: )

The bid starts at 9000

the reserve price is 20000

the card: a no xp Xu52

i am willing to accept card trades too

I have Kiki , Leviatonn , Chloe , Lulabee , Nistarok , Lamar and Erpeto and i have some other cards maby you can tell me what you looking for i will take a look

Buying Kenny lvl 1 for 6k. Private trade me.

friday 07/12/2007

1200 clintz any level.. Put it in my private sales smiley thanks

How much do you want at the least ill have around 1600-1800 later to day

I bought Manon Cr. Buying finished.

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