wednesday 19/12/2007

Haha guess what, they are all sold, you can close this now

Pm me, hoping for be lower than 9k..thanks.

Buying cards...preferabbly lower than the market

tuesday 18/12/2007

I'm buying Nightmare commons
Melluzine - 100 Clintz
Elixir - 100 Clintz
Endora - 150 Clintz

I dunno, It's a good card, bu, ELO-banned., That makes it less versitile

Cheese_14 sorry i dnt need those cards can you offer any better

So it seems i got the highest bid on juicy lord,,, 2.2k,,,, shouldn't i see him in my private sales?

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Already sold it. You can close this now.

1100 clinz i sell anita

Cancel my offer..I already got a Marlysa from GirlyLV..smiley

Yes the 1st one

1600 for both

Do you have GAIA? Can i buy it? How much you sell it?

800 for joao maxed out..
i really need it...

monday 17/12/2007

Srry, i sold the card, so if someone will lock this please, thank you.


Does anyone have a kerozinn cr they would sell for about 12,000 or about 15,000

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