thursday 06/12/2007

Okey new Offer My Perle lvl 5 , Giovanni , Hel , Maeva For you ANY lvl Ielena

Ill let you lot choose the price's so post on here what you offer for them.

I trade you Diyo (R) and Charlie for her

Buying steve for 4K .plz PM me with private sale ~ thx~

Buying steve 4k.

PM me with private sale plz.


I want to buy Charlie for 2000 me if you're interested in selling...the level doesn't matter smiley

Note, leprechaun32 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Just thought u'd like to know.

wednesday 05/12/2007

Buying Elvira, Alec and Marco, i don't have much so offer and i'll see if i can afford it. Also, i'm not going to pay over the market price cause i don't have much.

I have Kenny for Vickie

How much for your Timber? please private message me.

2.5k for Wardog

Plase enybody sell me ambre

1500 for Vansaar

Elvira for 1200 n marco for 1500

I want Rosa smiley

I got my card so admin u my close

tuesday 04/12/2007

I need kerry to complete my first clan and i have 5k and some cards to trade kenny kati kinjo sakazuki estalt linda mojo all max lvl

Buying mark 1k.

PM me with private sale plz.


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