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sunday 20/04/2008

Capn clintz won with 26.6k
@capn clintz on your private sales

1k ea pm or just put em in my p sales

Maxed...atleast that's what i think the title says...smiley

Yea hes gone up im thinking of selling him on the market and i would take the splata offer but i want money not cards

Uh, how is it not right saminabox? Its not likes its against the rules. They invented a reserve price for a reason, and if you guys would read back he said "Damn. never mind I'll just sell this in the market. There's no way I'm getting ripped for at least 2~3k" Its your fault you guys continued to bid on the item at hand.

Buying Boris for 2300 Clintz...PM me if you want to barter the price...

No interest so i'll end it here.

I buy kenny to 2000

Wait are you saying you need it or want it? cause i need it

Looking for one at level 2. Offers either here or private please smiley

I am looking to buy rescue cards for a good price-if you think you could help me out pm me with the card name and price


I already got Elya and Eklore has been traded.

Please close this thread.

Thank you.

Im buying below market price
max gastroboy(below 400)
max tanner(below 300)
max sai san(below 350)
max timber(optional)
max mario(below 200)
max yaman(below 250)

I'll trade you.

saturday 19/04/2008

I am looking for lyse , if selling please private me your price, i have many cr's for sale as well to trade for her

I want Bobby of the rescue team
offer me on private sales i want it cheeper then on market

Close this post..already done with the deal..smiley

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