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sunday 27/01/2008

Mods please close this thread... smiley

im done (smiley,)

How much will you pay for a level max copper

I need yookie level 1 pay 300 clints put it in my private sale i also buy wanda level 1 for 150 clints or cheper
tanx if you have some cheap cards make offers

saturday 26/01/2008

K, cool

Sorry never mind I made myslef a deck. Can I get a lock?

Wanda on top level 500 clints
carlos on top level 500 clints
we lee top level 7000 clints
stiker top level 6500 clints
marina top level 7000 clints

I buy tessa cr .

Ive got Lulabee

I can sell you elvira maxxed for 1200

How much

Oh also, i got a maxed Clara that i can trade for one of them.

Hey , i gots only 1900 . could someone please sell bridget to me ? please??

friday 25/01/2008

@pein: sure u can...

@raynos: post the cards that you are willing to trade....smiley

They are both gone please close this


I think he wants those cards

What else then

I will pay 100

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