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friday 25/01/2008

He sold his Kolos, mods please close this thread

I have striker but ill only be able to sell him to u on the weekend cos thats whaen im gettin credits


Hax(U) for 800

If noone wants to sell any of these cards then admins please close this thread.

What would you offer???

Already got one
smiley no one respond

Selling or trading for an other Leader (exept Timber)

I have waht you would give me for??

Im buying a Kiki lower than the market price.. please.. smiley

I have an Ambre (R). Any intrest?

thursday 24/01/2008

Close this please Its a done deal

Note, Tigerfang46 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Devlen i have sent you your card,

Admins please close and hope all of you enjoy your prizes smiley

I might do this again.

Clintz wise how much for Kerry?

We can make a trade cassio 5 k and add some cards in the same value

400 on market level 1
i sell levl max 750

How much I get Credits today so I might sell you here

And miss twice cr

Check this out..http://urdb.kirlad.net

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