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thursday 08/05/2008

Im looking for buck, bree, gabrielle, xu52 and leviatonn, does anyone have any of these?

Well, i guess we have enough candidates so here are the winners:
1) The winner of Yusuke is RamStrife. Congratz!smileysmiley

2) And the winner of Yookie is (_Raiogen_). Congratz!smileysmiley

See you next time!
Mods: Pls close!

Just sell them and youll get it

Market price is 850
so i guess he is worth 800 DTKC

Is ur Lennox maxed???
If maxed, I'll give u 1k, if not 970...

Striker for 4800
Erpeto for 900
Eyrik for 14 500
Ottavia for 3 000
Rosa for 1 900

Pm me when you are willing to sell estalt or kinjo

Anyone ??????

Check your homepage, there should be a link there..

Close please

If its maxxed ill give you

Selsya Cr
Miss Twice Cr

wednesday 07/05/2008

Lo pongo en español porque capaz que no me explique bien :

cambio o vendo a vholt , busco 288 000 clintz o collectors en el precio que vale vholt

muchas gracias

Ill pay 9-10k for her please and thank you

Please close

Im lookin for splata cr looking .

I'm looking for a lost hog, but a decent price

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