monday 10/12/2007

I accepted fojtik's offer, and therefore all I want to trade now are ndololo cr, aldebaran cr and maybe marlysa cr, dragan cr, sigmund cr and melissa cr (but I'll accept only great offers on those, I'm not desperate to trade).

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Ive got Ironfield and Soushee now


You buy them. On the My Collection tab there is a Shop option click it at the bottom of the new page you can find the all the possible option for your country to buy credits. Or just click this link:

Or you can win them by playing during daily tournaments.

sunday 09/12/2007

I have a marlysa here


Nebula, cr cards are more expensive because they are no longer available on the market, and the "old" cr that were withdrawn from the market a long time ago are the most expensive ones. not all cr are good cards, many of them are quite the opposite but all the players want them in order to complete their collection. and regarding manon she is actually quite a good card, 2/6 with +4 power as ability at level 3 is more than decent smiley

Mods, Lock this Thread. I got Vladimir!smiley

Modz I got the card you can lock this thread

Ive got all the cards that u want to buy
give me an offer for them
how much 4 briget as well?

I require clints mainly so post your offer. for both NDololo cr and Sigmund cr

How much for your No nam?

I sell marco he's lvl 3 right now
how much?

You can also win credits by playing in the daily and ELO tournamentssmiley

Sorry sold that one almost 5 days ago

close topic please

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Bah, any cards will do smiley

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Watch the market why shoud sombody sell under market price

Im looking to buy uranus tell me what level and cost! thanks =]

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