saturday 08/12/2007

I am looking for Jim Cr and Dragan Cr.

I am willing to exchange a combinatin of my duplicate cards. I have all non CR's except for Rescue. Tessa, XU52, Splata, Swidz, Cassio, Lamar, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Miss Twice Cr, Kerozinn Cr are some of the cards I have available to exchange with. If you are looking for any other cards, please message me and I am willing to work out a deal.

215 for amy i have carlos, rebecca amy josh klaus and some dlack woman

I'm willing to buy Hax for 647 Clintz, I know it's a big difference...But, I really need Hax.

: )

The bid starts at 9000

the reserve price is 20000

the card: a no xp Xu52

i am willing to accept card trades too

I have Kiki , Leviatonn , Chloe , Lulabee , Nistarok , Lamar and Erpeto and i have some other cards maby you can tell me what you looking for i will take a look

Buying Kenny lvl 1 for 6k. Private trade me.

friday 07/12/2007

1200 clintz any level.. Put it in my private sales smiley thanks

How much do you want at the least ill have around 1600-1800 later to day

I bought Manon Cr. Buying finished.

I`m buying


msg me with ur prices and tell me if evoed or unevoed

I'm selling Dorian max level for 4250 clintz.

Anyone got it for below 1500?

Message me please, buying SkrumxxT for 3130 Clintz.

I'm selling Zatman max level for 4900 clintz.....anyone interested pm me smiley

2000 zdrone maxed if you want to bye

Hi. I currently am buying/trading for Rubie. I don't have very many good cards, but I have 857 clintz if that's enough.

Trading for Mona !!!!!

A maxed what 2 3 level?

If he can sell,morphun level 1 for 50(if he can sell)

Looking for GraksmxxT Not leveled or fully leveled leave cheap Price Please

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