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saturday 09/12/2017

Lot A sold. Thanks

friday 08/12/2017

450k lot 5?

I just see that i double posted barden, i only have 3 copies smiley
also have clintz available

Sent Neon smiley

2m for both now smiley

I sell #Kerozinn Cr Full 2M250k smiley

Mp for exchange.

I have Behemoh Serafina and Judge Lynch smiley

Sent you a PM.
Rowdy Cr - for reference.

Leliana for 120k
private message pls

Wooly +1k vs 0xp
Pyro + 1k vs 0xp
Miss Chloe+ 1 lydia vs 0xp
Earl + 500 clz vs 0xp
ZRobbie + 500 clz vs 0xp
Pavel + 1k5 vs 0xp
Kamakura + 500clz vs 0xp
Miranda +500 clz vs 0xp
Christelle + 1k vs 0xp

Still available

180k/t cash.

Merci smiley

...That kinda backfired on me. Well played Don, well played.smiley

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