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thursday 01/03/2018

Yeah, i see your point. well played

wednesday 28/02/2018

I'm offering #Robb Cr full xp (480k) + 1.2M clintz. PM me or post here any counteroffer.

My bid was Judge Lynch 0 XP. The auction ended the second the clock went to :45 so your last bid is not valid @Forseka

I sell a Kerozinn Cr 0xp.
Valuation: 3.4kk.
I'm looking for cash,ty

I also have 8 0xp Joy 180k

Always willing to come down in price! These are just place holder prices. Shoot me an offer!

Still looking

I will close this topic at 4pm paris time

2 Nemo Mt for a #Cannibal Jo?

Still looking for offers smiley

For every 10k you give me I give you 2k back for the cards I need.

You have one day to message me from this post. ^.^

Hello. As the title says, i own one of each at 0 xp, but i want them full xp. I want 12k of difference in clintz for each of them.

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