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sunday 20/01/2008

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I'll pay you 177 for lea

Anita-lelena ?

Kinjo? or Alec?

Gaia (R)
XU52 (R)
Ielena (R)

Can you PM me your price?
So i can consider whether i can afford the price.

Do you have a Cr....Sigmund Cr (Cr) or Melissa Cr (Cr) a 30000ctz?

Can i buy Edd for a cheaper price??

Close this thread..someone bought my seldnor cr on the market..smiley

Damn arent you the boyfriend of jessica alba ? smiley

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In tat case trade nanook and ice jim for ambre and blaaster then xD...pls

Pay a good price for it. PM mesmiley

Im buying not selling...
anyway, kindLy close this thread...
i have those cards already.

saturday 19/01/2008

Im looking for a lost hog card up for a resonable trade or price. i have a heap of doubles so ill try work out a trade with anyone willing

I got 250 plz any 1 im selling cell full stars and buyin marco

Ehm... Srry, I dont know myself...
I think, I will not trade my Eyrton, coz the price is going down at the moment...
Srry to bother u, as I only want to trade without adding money...

Il give it for free close thise thread.

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I also trade franki hi x 6 level max any offers

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