tuesday 11/12/2007

Juicy Lord bought.....
Still need Gabrielle smiley

I'm looking to sell/trade mine. I'm currently in the process of finding me a Kenny card, if you're interested...

Ok im selling a maxed lv 4 kenny smiley
starting bid 11000smiley
happy biddingsmiley

Note, ice cube 49 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

you can only buy i sell you a z drone level max 1500 copper level max 4000 miss cloe level max 9000 miranda level max 1500

Ill swap you perle, linda bodenpower an kinjo for it

I will me you 3000 for Nistarok....PM me or put on private sell


I have a level 3 havok right out of the pack and would like to sell it for 3200

message me if you are willing to buy it

Selling aurelia for 400 cklintz

HeH! haha na jp. smiley

Now I have 900 000 clintz.

10000 put it on my private sales... thanks

Any one please I need Ambrose CR .. I need him to finish My Perfect DECK please any one !!!!!!!smiley

PLease close this...

monday 10/12/2007

They have both been sold mods please lock

Put it on my private sales smiley thanks

Clossed this subject thank you

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Offer On Nistarok

You can close this now, brought it off the market

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