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thursday 21/08/2008

If anyone wants to trade or sell im here

Shhhhhhhh that's what I don't want them to know Akuaka XD

But sure, we can negotiate, I'm willing to add a sum of Clintz which are more versatile than cards... smiley

Clost this post

Close please all have been sold

Wat u want for gil

Buy TrinmkkT and petra ofer and msj me pls

offer pls

Im trading

Diyo cr
Geuner Cr


Miss Twice cr

please pm me

I offer 20k, Keanew [max] and malmoth [lv1]

Kerry for 4k

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For all it is 6110

If anyone is selling havok cheap for under 2000 plz plz plz pm me a price

I have esmeralda and splata cr for sale just pm me an offer

I buy Bloodh for 5500 or less. Just put in private shop and I'll buy.

750 for B ball

3k for hawkins

@Orange rocket Its a deal. Post a message here if you want to confirm

I buy all 1* Unagi u got!

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Sorry sold taham

Sorry i just sold it sum1 please close this subject

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